TRACnet’s absorption into the Rwandan HIV/AIDS response


Svoronos T., Jillson, I. A., & Nsabimana, M. M. (2008). TRACnet’s absorption into the Rwandan HIV/AIDS response. International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, 9(5/6), 430. doi:10.1504/IJHTM.2008.020197


Rwanda’s TRACnet initiative is an electronic communication system parallel to the Rwandan healthcare management information system (HMIS), designed to coordinate antiretroviral therapy (ART) throughout the country. This study attempts to discern TRACnet’s absorption by Rwandan HIV/AIDS organisations, using Richard Heeks’ framework for evaluating HMIS interventions. Interviews with stakeholders and users of TRACnet confirm that TRACnet is reducing the costs and time associated with submitting ART data. However, submissions through TRACnet remain inconsistent and often inaccurate. Other potential features of TRACnet remain unrealised. This is primarily caused by a lack of understanding of the TRACnet interface, a lack of response mechanisms attached to data submissions, and technological factors limiting bi-directional communication. Greater staff training and the introduction of two-way communication pathways into the TRACnet interface would encourage a shift toward a more dynamic system.

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