These are materials that I’ve produced for various residential and online courses. Click here for a brief summary of the teaching philosophy underlying their creation.

Online Modules

Here are three interactive modules I produced, in collaboration with Dan Levy and Mae Klinger, for the Building Capacity to use Research Evidence (BCURE) project. These modules were piloted with Phase IV Indian Administrative Service officers as part of their required training course held at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration.

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Instructional Videos

Here are a few videos I produced to convey statistical concepts to students in a Master’s level statistics course. My favorite ones are highlighted with an asterisk.

To view these videos in the context of online modules (with explanatory text and multiple choice questions), click here.

Please feel free to use these materials with proper attribution:

This online module was developed for the Harvard Kennedy School by Teddy Svoronos under the guidance of Dan Levy.

Sampling Distributions


Statistical Power (narrated by Prof. Dan Levy)

Multiple Regression

Dummy Variables

Omitted Variable Bias